Just like there are rules to find the right jeans for your body type, there are rules to find the right saree and keep a few things in mind while draping a saree to look slim. A few simple rules and you can look taller and slimmer in sarees. Fabric: Light weight fabrics like Chiffon, Georgette, Crepe etc. stick to the body closely, so they make you look slimmer. Cottons, Kanjivarams, heavy Silk, Brocade, Tissue etc. look good in tall and slim women as they add volumes to the over all look. If you are short and/or plump and still want to wear cotton sarees or heavy silk sarees, look for 40% cotton mix or 40% silk sarees instead. Prints: To look slim, opt for small prints or motifs. Border Of Saree: Bigger or broader borders make us look short. For those who don’t want that, should go for slimmer borders or no border at all. Colour: Opt for darker shades. Dark colours make you look slimmer and makes your skin colour appear lighter. They hide the flaws but accentuate your curves just as much as necessary. Drape Correctly: Draping a saree neatly ensures that you look slimmer and conceal the not so perfect areas. Shop For Sarees Here. Stay tuned for more!! Get all your style essentials here – SHOP NOW! Not a member yet? REGISTER HERE!